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This project is born from the union of photographs I took of people in the street with pages of ancient books, published in the '20s and' 30s of the '900. For each image I chose a random page and in this page I combined selected words in order to create a kind of haiku-poem that could best represent the subject of the image. I chose words that were already there, right in front of me. What I did was just to find them, as well as each of us and his soul words. They are there, inside, just waiting to be found. Lots of treasures to be discovered and kept. 

- they were hungry of love -

- "I'm scared..." Michel exclaims, sincere -

- she was a woman, he realized that -

- the stories were a place beyond -

- shadow of angel -

- you need to see this theme park -

- the silence, painful, murmurs -

- bodies and souls -

- quiet life / the future had a smile / this memory, a joy -

- a happy woman remembers Paris -

- the naive world -

- to this moment of childhood -

- the sentimental crowds -

 we payed the miracles in gold, we the blissed -

- he had exorcised the gravity among the roots -

- this individual wants the forbidden - 

- the beautiful days were a lottery of fallibility -

- make the extraordinary -

- the egoisms were the only possible way of saving him -

- he comes home, sad and tired -

- as boats, coming back -

- everything vivifies his existence: the sacred imprint -

- life went at random, with all her marvels -

- hours under the grey sky, crying -

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