" Sunday "

12 pages

written by Valentina Casadei & Arturo Caciotti

A habitual middle-aged couple sees at the window their neighbor, a widower for less than two months, kissing passionately with a woman.

" She and the Island "

10 pages

written by Valentina Casadei

2050. A boat with a hundred people on board has just left an island, on the verge of being entirely submerged by the Atlantic Ocean.

" Habibi "

21 pages

written by Valentina Casadei & Xavier de Durat

A night taxi driver and his daughter find themselves, overnight, abandoned by their wife and mother.

" Liberty "

16 pages

in development

written by Valentina Casadei & Arturo Caciotti

A homeless man has been living for some time in a bathhouse closed for the winter. One morning, an unexpected event changes his reality.

" Other People's Pain "

19 pages

in development

written by Valentina Casadei & Alexandre Lança

A lost bond between father and son is further challenged when the two participate in a psychological trial at the hospital where they both work.

" 10 Hours Ahead "

18 pages

in development

finalist in the screenplay competition of the MARINO SHORT FILM FESTIVAL

written by Valentina Casadei

The relationship between a mother and her daughter will be severely tested when the latter leaves home.

" End of September "

15 min

Bologna, 2020



the film has received the support of the Emilia Romagna Film Commission

distributed by TINY DISTRIBUTION

with Matteo Olivetti, Malik Gueye, Aziz Es Samhouny

written and directed by Valentina Casadei

Two brothers, without a father figure, try to navigate the experiences of their ages and desires, while surviving a less-than-perfect living arrangement with an absent, alcoholic mother.  

" Blessed Days "

12 min 47 sec

Paris, 2017


produced by EICAR

distributed by ARTEX FILM

bought by SHORTLY

with Florence Monge, Daniel Schrompfer, Elisa Sergent, Luca Bondioli

written and directed by Valentina Casadei

Adèle, an 85 years old lady, confronts very hardly the loss of her husband, after 63 years of shared life. An unexpected dream, will bring Adele to relive the last moments of their life together, at the museum. She will be able to overcome the pain.


All About Emily "

8 min 01 sec

Paris, 2016


produced by EICAR

with Florence Monge, Jelle Samminadin

written and directed by Valentina Casadei

A modest housekeeper keeps being bullied by an hysterical bourgeois for no apparent reason. Forced to endure these abuses in order to avoid being sent back to Cuba, she makes a discovery that will change everything.

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