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Tormento Fragile  (Fragile Torment),  Bertoni Editore,  2018

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Hello everyone! 

It's with great emotion that I share with you the release of my first collection of poems, Tormento Fragile, published by Bertoni Editore.

I wrote these poems for the strong need to exorcise all those fears, to express all those emotions that had brought my pen to fill diaries, receipts, cinema and subway tickets, agendas, newspapers, with thoughts, for ten years.

If you are interested you can find the Goodreads page here: 


 Abbi Cura Di Me  (Take Care Of Myself),  Il Mio Libro Feltrinelli,  2014

Mi Tappo Gli Occhi Con I Sogni  (I Cover My Eyes With Dreams),  Il Mio Libro Feltrinelli,  2010

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